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For skin that is unbalanced, oily in some areas, but dry in others.
Carrotseed is a Moisturizing Skin-Rejuvenator. It is high in antioxidants, it’s a natural for any anti-aging skin formula.
The oil also has moisturizing vitamin E and protective vitamin C, which work together to help bring new life to skin. In fact, carrot seed oil has a reputation for helping with sensitive skin too. The anti-oxidants in carrot seed EO repair all the damages done to your tissues by the oxidants (free radicals) and stop them from doing further harm. While it can’t turn back time, it can help you look younger and more radiant. It has the ability to moisturize, heal, renew, and repair your skin. It rejuvenates skin cells, stimulates collagen production, and encourages new growth while bringing a refreshed beautiful glow to the skin. Frankincense act as skin conditioner if used externally. Regular use of this natural conditioner can leave your skin soft and smooth. Frankincense can help in fading away acne. It can reduce wrinkles and fine lines by regenerating healthy skin cells. Myrrh works as a skin rejuvenator. Due to its antioxidant properties is works for anti-aging and wound healing.
Our Carrot seed Facial Cleanser has many benefits and combination works for normal to sensitive skin.


  • INCI: Castile, Vegetable Glycerin, Black Soap, Carrot seed Eo, Frankincense Eo, Myrrh Eo
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