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NO SILICONES!!!!!!! NO SULFATES!!!!!!! NO ALCOHOLS!!!!!!!! NO PARABENS!!!!!!!!!!!! NO CHEMICALS!!!!!!!!!!!   NO GMOS!!!!! VEGAN FRIENDLY!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

We started making natural products in 2009, when we saw that many products had more fragrance and chemicals than aiding elements. Family and friends would tell me how certain products on the market they couldn't use because of what it did to their skin and/or hair. So, I got inspired and decided to research and study the different effects of certain ingredients. I started from there making products with similar fragrances with benefits (essential oils) that promote healing, products with vitamins, minerals, extracts, organic oils and butters. When I make products, I make them with the customer in mind. I like to ask questions to get more familiarized with the issue, catering to their need or concern. I love to make products that will help aid, heal, condition, moisturize and strengthen the hair or even skin cells. Too many times I've seen hair breakage, overly dry skin, irritations and no known root cause. I wanted to make products that people could depend on. Products that will reverse any negative affect of many products in the past. 

Helping Hands

Through years of researching a vast majority of plant life and their processes we created natural anti-ailment, skin, and hair creams. Products that nourish the hair and body. When I saw that my grandmother's arthritis was getting worse, she had diabetic nerve pain and her medication barely worked. I started to research oils that would relieve this pain. In doing so, I made a muscle relief cream that would include all natural oils and extracts. And in using the cream, she told me how it eases all the pain and that it would leave a cooling sensation to the area. Many clients have told me how it has helped with carpal tunnel, sprains, gout, rheumatoid, osteoarthritis, spasms, sciatic nerve, back aches and much more. One client told me that it helped ease the pain due to a chipped bone that he didn't know was there. My daughter suffered from eczema and many of the methods that were provided only relieved her for a short while. Then I decided to research oils and extracts that would aid in her dry, itchy skin. I was prompt to make an eczema cream, that she could use on her skin, and it wasn't too harsh on her face. In using this product, she hasn't had any itchy and achy skin and it keeps her skin moisturized while aiding in healing. The Pristine Care team has decided to maintain a reputation of bringing the best natural ingredients to provide all natural alternatives for the immaculate care we all deserve.  Many of our clients have told us or gave brief testimonies on how these creams have been very beneficial in the different situations either them or family members have undergone. Making these alternatives in helping in the aid of family members and clients, we began looking at our overall health these days how we should all take the time to truly look at what we put on our skin and in our hair.

A Conscious Eye

When you look at the back of majority of consumer's "Health and Wellness" products (known household names and favorites) you are presented with its contents, displaying the ingredients. How many ingredients can you really name or pronounce? And many of those names are sulfates which causes hair loss, parabens that cause allergic reactions or rashes, abnormalities and cancer-causing nitrates. Unless your product says naturally or organic, you may see these ingredients. After losing family and friends to cancer, I wanted to make products that were natural and excellent for your skin & hair. I take pride in researching each ingredient that will provide the most benefits in the products that I make.  Please take the time if you have not already done so, to look at our Health Notice section to further help inform you of some of the dangers in this mass produced "health and wellness" products with some of the names we have come to trust and love. We will continue to research and develop products using safe and natural ingredients, so that we can finally have someone out here who is not out to compromise the health of others to make a profit.  Each product is hand mixed and poured with care by the prestigious Pristine Care staff based out of Charles County, Maryland. 

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products aren't intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us Monday - Friday 11am - 6pm EST 301-653-4638 or leave a message via email at

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