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We have blended many powerful organic ingredients using our top organic oils & certified pure essential, herbal extracts and moisturizing natural butters to form this organic creme. Each organic ingredient make up this hair creme, which gives your hair strength from within by stimulating your follicles, creating a healthy scalp to help hair grow faster and reach its maximum potential length. RECOMMENDED FOR ALL HAIR Types Helps prevent and correct hair loss even while wearing hair weaves, extensions, braids and wigs. BEST USAGE RECOMMENDATIONS Using fingertips, gently massage a small amount (quarter size) into hair and scalp twice daily. Re-apply as needed to hair loss problem zones. Apply directly to High-Tension areas, such as edges to help reduce stress on hair roots that can lead to hair breakage and loss. Our Miraculous Hair Treatment has natural nut oils and butters. Not recommended for those with nut allergies. Those with nut allergies, please refer to our No Nut Miraculous Hair Treatment. 


  • Ingredients: Unrefined Raw Shea Butter, Macadamia Nut Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Black Castor Oil, Rosemary Eo and Pristine Care Herbal Extract Blend How to use: Use a dime size amount in scalp on problem areas. Pictures above are before/6months after.
  • During the summer months, this cream can melt in transit. If the item melts, place in refrigerator for a few minutes to solidify. The product is a whipped cream, with majority oils.  It still works the same, even  after becoming a soild again. If it melts use less of the portion recommended because it became more concentrated by melting down together. We suggest purchasing a cool pack in addition to the item. 

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