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Our Respiratory blend consists of herbs like:


Mullein which helps with cough, colds, earache, allergies, fever, upper respiratory, diarrhea, sore throat, antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant benefits, It helps to soothe inflammation and dryness in your cough. People with asthma have significant inflammation within the airways, particularly the smaller airways called the bronchioles. Flavonoids within mullein may have anti-inflammatory properties that may help improve breathing. Mullein provides asthma relief for people by helping suppress the cough. Mullein may also help loosen mucus.


Horehound herb can help cough sufferers to get rid of that nasty mucus that is clogging up their airways. Horehound herb can be helpful when it comes to the intense congestion of bronchitis. When you have bronchitis, the tubes that carry air to your lungs (bronchial tubes) are inflamed. This inflammation causes a cough, which can often be intense and persistent. Horehound can be helpful since it acts as an expectorant (helping to get mucus up), but also to promote vasodilatory effects.  Vasodilation is when the smooth muscle within the blood vessels relax and the blood vessels widen. This results in a better flow of oxygenated blood.


Wild Cherry Bark acts as a cough suppressant. It's so powerful that you may not want to use it in situations where it's good for your body to cough, meaning when you need to clear something out of your lungs. It can also be used for coughing that prevents sleep or when coughing exhaustion. 


Elecampane are commonly used for digestive health as well as for lung and respiratory health. It works as a mucolytic to help remove phlegm from the lungs. Elecampane works as a gentle stimulating expectorant for chronic catarrhal conditions. it works to expel phlegm from your lungs. 


Coltsfoot is said to treat respiratory infections, sore throats, gout, flu, and fever. Coltsfoot is often used as a natural remedy for inflammatory conditions like asthma and gout, a type of arthritis that causes swelling and joint pain. Coltsfoot has been used as a natural remedy for respiratory conditions like bronchitis, asthma, and whooping cough.


Respiratory Tea Blend

$35.95 Regular Price
$25.95Sale Price
  • Mullein Tea, Horehound Herb, Wild Cherry Bark, Elecampane Herb and Coltsfoot Tea

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